Musing about the Muse: Prepping before Big Writers’ Conference


May 3, 2012

Our instructor looked at the dozen of us and asked, “So who’s going to the Muse?” Maybe half the hands went up.

It was April 2011, and several of my classmates in a nonfiction workshop were on the fence about attending the upcoming Muse & the Marketplace, Grub Street’s annual conference. Some hated any kind of conference because they were, like many writers, wall flowers. They hated to schmooze. Worse, they were petrified about giving an elevator pitch to an agent or editor.

Death, Nature, Revelations: Writing Retreat Leaves Eclectic Trail of Memories


June 6, 2011
Death. We talked about death. We read about death. We wrote about death. We cried about death.

Illness, addiction, disability. We learned to poke fun at our own weaknesses. We learned to treat others’ illnesses, addictions, and disabilities with respect and love. We laughed. Again, we wiped tears from our eyes.

Will Weekend Writing Retreat Inspire, Create New Paths?

Anticipation. Curiosity. Hope. Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll climb into my aging Honda CRV and drive about three hours west to a conference center in rural western Massachusetts. I’ll join an unknown number of strangers for a long weekend devoted to learning about, talking about, and doing writing. On a whim, well a researched whim, I decided to attend a retreat run by The Sun magazine. I fell for the description of the magazine’s retreat: “You don’t have to be a writer to attend. Our aim is to simply to create a space in which people can tell their stories from the heart.” Continue reading

Think Pink. Can Pink be Secret to Writing Success?


The secret to my future success as an author is clear. Pink. It’s the color pink.

How can I be so sure? I saw the magic of pink during a reading at last week’s Boston Books Festival. Draped in pink feather boas, the author and illustrator of the popular children’s book series, Fancy Nancy, drew adoring young fans to their reading. The series revolves around a little girl who loves tiaras, princess garb, and of course, everything pink. Several of the book series fans showed up wearing pink.