Welcome to the June Jewish Book Carnival, A Feast of Literary Links

Check out the wide variety of offerings in this month’s Jewish Book Carnival, a collection of links to blog posts and articles about the Jewish literary world. As hostess, I’ll include a few extras, pointing you to posts I loved by Jewish authors and a few tributes to the late Maurice Sendak. Continue reading

Make Hanukkah a Literary Fest: My ‘Jewish’ Book List for 2011

Looking for books to give Jewish friends and relatives as gifts? Linda K. Wertheimer, a voracious reader and writer, offers nine suggestions, one for each night of Hanukkah and that ninth candle, the shamash. Continue reading

Mitzvah Mama? Linda Cohen Chats About Debut Book ‘1,000 Mitzvahs’

Author Linda Cohen becomes the conscience for us all in her new book, 1,000 Mitzvahs, about the acts of goodness she performed and logged in memory of her father. She reminds us that even changing a roll of toilet paper in a public restroom is a good dead. Read about her project in this wide-ranging interview. Continue reading