Coming up: Workshops for Teachers on Navigating Religion in the Schools

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As our country becomes increasingly polarized, it becomes even harder for teachers who teach about touchy topics like religion. Sometimes, parents get nervous if they just hear the word ‘religion’ combined with education.

In general, Americans are fairly ignorant about what’s legal and what’s not regarding religion and public schools.

In July, I’ll conduct two workshops for Chicago-area teachers interested in teaching about the world’s religions. I’ll use lessons learned from my reporting around the … Continue reading

Faith Ed Makes National TV & Other News

Church/state battles rage on in America, and last week, author Linda K. Wertheimer spoke about religion and public schools on Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield. Read more Faith Ed related news in the newsletter. Continue reading

What Can We Do When Bigotry Seems So Present?


What can we do to help? I have been giving talks about teaching about religion and the experience of religious minorities in America for more than a year. That question came up sporadically before the election campaigning began in earnest. Now, I get the question every time.

Like I, people I meet are worried and even frightened about the growing vitriol in our country toward people of color, immigrants, Jews and Muslims. I wrote about the hope I had before the election results came … Continue reading

Seeing Hope in America on Election Eve

It’s the eve of Election Day. I’m anxious, just like the rest of America. I worry about the divisiveness in our country. This tumultuous election has revealed bigotry in many forms, toward people of color, toward Jews, toward people with disabilities, and toward Muslims. Yet, I have a twinge of hope. Continue reading

Reflections from a Religion Writing Conference, Plus Major Award for Faith Ed

Faith Ed wins a national religion book award and the author’s reflections on a national religion writing conference. Continue reading

Publishers Weekly Gives Faith Ed Thumbs Up

With skill and intelligence, the veteran interviewer crisscrosses the country in search of a public school program that teaches religious literacy well, says Publishers Weekly in review of Faith Ed. Read about this and other news in Faith Ed newsletter. Continue reading

Article on People Losing Religion Makes Me Glad I’ve Reconnected to Mine

Boston Magazine writer Katherine Ozment writes of a disturbing trend in a recent article — how a growing number of twenty-somethings identify with no religion at all. Why do I find this so disturbing? Because I once was one of those twenty-somethings. Judaism to me was a culture, not a religion, till I hit my late 30s. All religions have the power to give a community that can be there for joys and sorrows. Other things can, too, but religion seems to provide that community especially well. Continue reading