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Meanwhile, furor over lessons on Islam in the curriculum seem to rage on, reflecting the tenor of our times. The latest flap is continuing controversy in the state of Tennessee as lawmakers try to push a measure that would, in their words, “stop Islamic religious indoctrination” in the state’s schools. The problem, as usual, is that teachers are not actually trying to indoctrinate anyone with the required lessons about the world’s religions in the social studies curriculum. Perhaps the biggest scratch-your-head part of the proposed measure is this passage: “Any inclusion of religion in textbooks, instructional materials, curriculum, or academic standards can only be for educational purposes and are strictly prohibited from being used to promote or establish any religion or religious belief.” Yes, of course. Schools should not be a place to promote any religion or any religious belief. The state measure in this aspect is merely restating what the First Amendment establishes.

What’s playing out in Tennessee resembles some of the textbook battles in Texas in recent years over what should be included about Christianity v. Islam. Religion scholar David Brockman has written several articles on this worth reading, including this piece that ran in Scalawag.

Meanwhile, here’s a glance at my latest articles and interviews:
1) How Schools Overlook Religious Minorities… a commentary for RNS. (RNS is the Religion News Service, which distributes articles to numerous publications, including The Washington Post.)
2) Indoctrination is not the real issue in lessons on Islam, another Religion News Service piece.
3)Religion scholar Ken Chitwood interviewed me for his blog that looks at current events involving religion. You can find the interview here.

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