Faith Ed Book Review, Interview Round-up

Here are links to book reviews, when available online, and interviews:

Jewish Book Council review.

Boston Globe review by Kate Tuttle.

Wichita Eagle Review by former religion editor Tom Schaefer.

New York Times Sunday Book Review by Naomi Schaefer Reilly.

 Religion & Education has reviewed Faith Ed. and given it a nod in a foreword, too. Many thanks to the journal editor Mike Waggoner and reviewer Nicholas Piediscalzi. Here’s a snippet from the review, which also included Dr. Piediscalzi’s wonderful insight about the history of efforts to teach about religion in America:

“Faith Ed. is … a helpful resource for scholars, teachers, school administrators, and political leaders. It provides valuable concrete information about current problems, attitudes, undercurrents, and conflicts in our society that need to be addressed by those who seek to teach about religions in the schools and those who set policy for such teaching.”

Church and State review, the magazine for Americans United for Separation and Church and State. Review by Sarah Jones.

Publishers Weekly review.

Review by the On Being Both blog author, Susan Katz Miller.

“Talking with those involved in the controversies (teachers, parents, administrators, activists) as well as students in the classes under fire, she found no monsters of intolerance but instead dedicated and careful educators, short-fused yet not unreasonable opponents of teaching about religion, and plenty of kids glad to have been taught.” — Ray Olson, Booklist 

Faith Ed also has been reviewed by many other outlets, including The Jewish Advocate, Library Journal and Booklist, some of which do not provide free online access. To see other blurbs from various reviews, go to the Beacon Press page for the book.

Radio, print, other interviews with author Linda K. Wertheimer about Faith Ed.:

Interview with David Dault, of the Things Not Seen podcast.

Interview with Air Talk, a radio talk show on Los Angele’s KPCC station.

Interview with The Atlantic about Faith Ed.

Up to Date Kansas City NPR interview.

State of Belief radio show podcast interview with Rev. Welton Gaddy.

Interview on the Kathleen Dunn Show, Wisconsin NPR.

Interview with Anthony Brooks and Deb Becker on RadioBoston.

Interview with the Education Writers Association public editor, Emily Richmond, for EWA Radio podcasts.

Interview with Moment magazine about Faith Ed.

LexMedia taping of my talk & subsequent panel discussion with interfaith clergy at Cary Memorial Library, Lexington, Mass.

Interview on KERA of TX’s THINK show with host Krys Boyd.

American Freethought podcast interview.

Publishers Weekly interview.

Video of the public launch of Faith Ed at Porter Square Books by WGBH’s Forum Network.

Us & Them Podcast based on The Church Lady, a chapter in Faith Ed.

West Virginia Public Radio airs bits of my interview on Us & Them.


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