‘God is the Clouds’: Young Son Broaches Touchy Subject

How do you have the ‘God’ conversation with your child? Our son’s first pre-kindergarten Judaism class included the telling of the story of Noah. He came away believing a lot about God. Talking about God and its place in life is a challenge for any parent. Continue reading

Slurping Kitten Teaches Children about Forgiveness


October 22, 2012

One lesson from Yom Kippur lingers in our home, thanks to a children’s book about a kitten and a little boy named K’tonton.

This year, my son, who’s nearing 5, learned more than he ever has about what it means to seek forgiveness after he does something wrong.

Happy 50th Birthday to a Brother Who Died Long Ago


August 7, 2012

Today my brother Kevin would have turned 50. Killed in a car accident at age 23, Kevin has been dead longer than he lived.

In 23 years, he did a lot of living. Since he would have been 50, here are 50 things I remember about my brother. They are a random set of remembrances, most from me, some passed along over the years from relatives and friends. Together, they may give others a sense of the young man, teenager, and boy he was.

30th High School Reunion: Why Return to a Once-Dreaded Place?

How many of us have skipped one high school reunion after another? Veteran journalist Linda K. Wertheimer skipped her 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th, but something about her 30th is pulling her back to rural Ohio for her reunion. Why? So many reasons tug at her. Continue reading

Letter to New Yahoo CEO: Please Take More Maternity Leave

Writer and mother Linda K. Wertheimer writes a letter to new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer who has taken the Mommy Wars to a new level with her insistence that she’ll work through just a few weeks of maternity leave than return to work. Linda writes in favor of a longer maternity leave and the chance to really experience some of the moments of new motherhood. Not to mention, new mothers need time off to heal physically and bond with their babies. Continue reading

Parental Vow: Don’t Overschedule Summer, Let Fun Happen.

To me, chauffeuring my son to one class or another is the very kind of hurry-up culture I want to avoid. I am a fan of the philosophy of Dr. David Elkind, author of The Hurried Child: Growing Up Too Fast Too Soon. We don’t need to plan every minute of our children’s day, whether it’s January or June. Continue reading

Welcome to the June Jewish Book Carnival, A Feast of Literary Links

Check out the wide variety of offerings in this month’s Jewish Book Carnival, a collection of links to blog posts and articles about the Jewish literary world. As hostess, I’ll include a few extras, pointing you to posts I loved by Jewish authors and a few tributes to the late Maurice Sendak. Continue reading